-- Rua José Augusto Vieira --

Two years after starting my first project, I started another remodeling and this time I worked on a flat from the middle of 20th century.

It's located on the top of Graça hill ( one of the 7 hills from Lisbon ) and I had the chance to find a place with a view over the city. In this area flats are bigger ( minimum of 3 rooms apartments ) and the population living here is mainly families ( either old people staying here after growing their kids, either young grand parents, or young couples with one or two kids ). Everybody meets at the corner bar where to make their comments about football life and drink a fabulous coffee with a small cake.

In the middle of 20th century Salazar was in power and the style of buildings changed a lot ( this period is called the new state art period ). First the azulejos used to protected the front of building continue just to be used as part of decoration. Second the buildings style become more strict almost like the Russian style of the same period. In the area exist different examples of this new style.

As Portugal stayed neutral during the second world war, the art déco period continue over the 40´s and I found beautifull head of walls and iron protection of windows in the apartment. With it's big view the closed balcony on the back of the building became the dining room and I tried as far as I could to keep a decor from these years.

The place is now ready to welcome four people in the two separate bedrooms...