-- Rua Da Silva 11h30 --

Woman 1 : - Olá vizinha, tudo bem?  (  Hey neighbour, all is good ? )
Woman 2 : - Yes everything is ok... did you see them arriving ?

- Who ?
- Senhor Guy's hosts, you know this french man living in front on the top floor.
- I didn't see them, I was not looking out of my window. How are they? Are they Americans like the previous ones?
- No. This time they look like French or Canadians, a young couple and their kid.
- I think all of them like the area, you should know why after living here more than 50 years ?
- It's true that I know a bit about the area. I think the tourists like it because it's so central. It's walking distance from the museums and all the center interests. And you know even if I can't walk anymore up the hills, I take the trams and  the buses just at the corner of the street .  I also like to take the train along the coast to Cascais, I take it here at the station on Avenue 24th of July.
- In addition I think they also like our street ambiance which is like a small village central place. Here everyone knows everyone and we like to talk together. 
- It may be also that the tourists like to stay in an authentic «bairro». You remember how it was in the old times when the harbour was still open and the fishermen had their houses in the street.
- It was a good time yes ... I met my husband in this street ... But you know the nightlife is still interesting, we are near «Bairro Alto» and also near the new bars and discos in Santos district. On week ends there are a lot of young people around here.
- Oh yes sure our street is a piece of history, and this French Guy has done a great job with its apartments, they are like they used to be in the old times but they are much more confortable than my own place. Eventually he installed a satellite dish on the roof near the air conditioner. He has also lots of flowers on his balcony, it's very pretty.
- Ah «vizinha» it's time to prepare lunch, have you been shopping?
- Oh yes I bought bacalhau ( Codfish ) at the fish shop down here and I have also been to Senhor Antonio's grocery shop and he had beautifull figs, with some chantilly all the family will appreciate the dessert. And you? I saw you going out of Senhor Mario's, did you buy roasted chicken for lunch?
- Yes, yes and I will cook «arroz doce» for my grand child dessert, he will leave school within half an hour. I will prepare all, «até Amanha vizinha » ( Speak with you later neighbour )
- Até amanha vizinha se deus quiser. ( See you tomorrow if god wishes it )